Ini blog hak milik gadis comel yang hanya menggunakan jari jemari untuk meluahkan isi hatinya ^_^


This is me playing...?

This is my life
I' m on my own
Don' t need anyone
To guide me down the road
I' m finding out who
Yeah, who i wanna be
This is me
This is my life
I' m in control
Movin' so fast
To where i wanna go
I' m shouting out who
Yeah, who do you see?
Yeah,this is me
This is me
Just don' t tell me
How to live my life
I' ve got to have control
I live for the fight
And i win every time
This is my life... :)

Create by: Dieyba Hamasaki

guna AKAL berfikir,guna HATI merasa dan guna JARI meluahkan ^__^

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