Ini blog hak milik gadis comel yang hanya menggunakan jari jemari untuk meluahkan isi hatinya ^_^


Runway Vacation

2 weeks to wait finished our final exams,
do not want to wait to go on holiday with friends,
I feel like going Pulau Pinang,
but my friends suggest better go Melaka,
for the near future, can hang out near the edge of the island and join in the fun photoshoot,
I do not care as long as the holiday was beautiful and calm mind that this crease. I hope this holiday is more vibrant than ever before...

P / S: - My friends who follow this holiday trip,
do not forget to provide the goods that have been designed ok.

guna AKAL berfikir,guna HATI merasa dan guna JARI meluahkan ^__^

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