Ini blog hak milik gadis comel yang hanya menggunakan jari jemari untuk meluahkan isi hatinya ^_^



(OYSTER MEE SUA) This has been gaining huge popularity in Taiwan.
The mee sua is cooked in this thick gravy but it's not the kind of thickness where you feel giddy after eating.
It is just the right thickness and served really hot.
Portion was pretty small but rather filling.
And ...
(XXL CRISPY CHICKEN) This one is really a huge piece.About 9 inches. It tasted good flavour-wise but it was a tad dry for my liking. They do not cut the chicken for customers made the whole eating process a lot more difficult.

I bought this so i tried it - it's a box of egg tarts that are HALAL !
While being LARD-FREE, it's ok to eat ^_^
While the price isn't that cheap (RM9.50 for 6) it's worth a try.
And it's only nice when it's fresh from oven.
Bought it from 1st floor of Berjaya Times Square.

guna AKAL berfikir,guna HATI merasa dan guna JARI meluahkan ^__^

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