Ini blog hak milik gadis comel yang hanya menggunakan jari jemari untuk meluahkan isi hatinya ^_^


¡n ɥʇıʍ ssǝɹʇs


feel so sad
i give up!!
i can't handle it
i can't face it
this is to hard for me to accept this all
i need you. please come back. i really need you.
i miss you. i love you.
all i want is you.
i think that you've changed. totally at all!!
seems like i don't know who you are. you are not the one whom i love.
you really hurt me. badly!!
i just can sit down and do nothing!!
i can't do nothing!! when i want to do my activities, my mind just full of your face!!!
i got an insomnia now!! i can't sleep well, eat, all!!!
really, I CAN'T!!!! wanna fainted!! so that i can't feel this pain anymore for a while.
i really need you now!!
no matter what, i will always love you.
i can't handle this situation!!
when i wake up, you're not here beside me.
when i can't sleep, nobody will accompany me
when i got sick, nobody will take care, and mad at me when i don't want to eat.
so many i can't tell it here.
just 1 thing you must know.
i will always here for you.
i love you.
i know it will hurts me, but i don'
t care!!

guna AKAL berfikir,guna HATI merasa dan guna JARI meluahkan ^__^

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