Ini blog hak milik gadis comel yang hanya menggunakan jari jemari untuk meluahkan isi hatinya ^_^



CHATIME is franchised from Taiwan. They aim to be the most loved and respected Tea Company in the world. To achieve the goal, they are committed to serving all their customers, with consistently high quality tea and outstanding customer service in our modern stores.

They are using high-tech tea & coffee machines to make consistently high quality fresh tea and coffees.

They provide their customers with a variety of choices of tea & coffee, variety of fruit pump, and variety of toppings. One of the drinks will definitely become your new favourite.

They are good at customer service, with a friendly smile, efficient service and high responsibility.

The company was founded in Taiwan in 2005; and now has more than two hundred retail locations across Asia-pacific area, in Taiwan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, Australia, Vietnam, and Los Angeles.

Now they are coming to Malaysia, with shops opening soon in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. They will for sure give you a wonderful and extraordinary experience that never experienced before!

guna AKAL berfikir,guna HATI merasa dan guna JARI meluahkan ^__^

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